Crystal Coast Habitat for Humanity has heard our volunteers at our Jacksonville and Newport locations.  As our effectiveness to help serve our community better in helping to build housing for the low-income, veterans, and disabled grows, so does the need to make those who want to volunteer easier, including quick sign-ups and going paperless.

This month all of our volunteers, both new and old, both groups and individuals will be registering into our new software program to select volunteering jobs that you want to do, times when they work with your schedule, and a way to keep current with what openings work for your specific interests.  It will also keep track of your hours for those who do community service.

For us at Habitat, we will be able to notify you by sending notices of when jobs with your interests open up for volunteers. 

To learn more about this, visit our website and go to the ‘Get Involved tab. As you pull down the menu, you will be able to register on-line.  This leads you into the specific events that we have open. Once you sign up, you will be sent a reminder of the day and time that you selected. This helps you keep track of your scheduling, and helps Habitat keep track of our needs as they come up for volunteers. 

Something comes up and you have a schedule conflict?  You can go back into the program and change your status, opening up a slot for another eager volunteer. You will even be able to do this from your smartphone or tablet.  A win-win. 

We appreciate those who ‘Like” us on Facebook.  We like you! You may have noticed a change in the last month to our pages.  Where you had many choices before to find our updates, we have consolidated our pages down to 3 allowing you to see our daily updates and items. Check out the links below to see our latest items.  Looking for something in particular? Call the store our Newport ReStore (252) 223-4493 or our Jacksonville ReStore (910) 347-9400.  Our ReStores get new items in daily and too many to post.  They will also post our upcoming sales.

We thank you for your continued support.  Everyone is a building block to a family’s new home!