ReFresh and ReStore

During these past 2 months, which has felt like hibernation to some, isolation to others, and a reset for many, we at Crystal Coast Habitat have been right there with you. – literally.

We are coming back to some sense of normalcy with limited hours and days of operation open and with limited staff as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. 

During this time, however, not everything stopped nor are we idle.  Thinking outside the box, and adapting to a new set of working criteria, often changing like the weather, we were able to do what we do best, to assist families, in unique and joyful ways.  Our Jacksonville Golf Tournament was extended from a 1-day event to the entire month of May.

New Home – The best of Sheltering in Place

Quatasha George and her family were able to receive the keys to their home in the Sea Gate community. This event was not done as in our usual community house blessing, due to social distancing rules, however, the joy of the new home can not be denied! Here, Tammy Blizzard, the executive director, hands off the keys to Quatasha in her office.

That is not all!  Our Restores have been cleaned and marked more easily for your shopping convenience.  We are doing soft openings at the moment with limited days and limited numbers of staff.   Check our Facebook and website for regular updates.  

AND – Just when you thought you were done with all those ‘home projects’ lined up, here are some other great ideas that may get those juices flowing again with ideas, and a reason to stop by. Check out these ideas and Make Yourself at Home.

While all of this is great, and much to be grateful for, we face a residual challenge ahead.  Our staff along with our home building had come to a standstill.  It is crucial and we need your help to sustain our ReStores and provide the best stability for our communities and families we support. Any donation that you can make at this time, allows us to bring our employees back to work, AND allow our building of homes to continue with needed volunteers.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are back!