April 22 is Earth Day will celebrate its 49th year. Observance of this day is the largest secular observance in the world, starting in the United States on April 22, 1970. Environment preservation has grown in global scope for clean, healthy, and sustainable habitat around the world. At Crystal Coast Habitat for Humanity, we take that to heart.  Earth Day is something the entire family can celebrate together in a variety of ways at home and in the community. Engage to learn more about Habitat’s work, get involved, and donate to the mission. (link). One person can make a difference in a positive and effective way.

How can You or I possibly make that difference you might ask? It comes with a change of thought and serves as a conscious reminder about how we look at protecting and preserving our environment, while at the same enriching our communities in Carteret and Onslow Counties. 3 Simple words.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Visit one or our Habitat ReStores in Newport or Jacksonville to assist you.

Which of these words resonate with you?

  • Decompose,  Litter,  Landfill
  • Revitalize,  Toxic,  Sustainable
  • Deplete,  Ecology,  Paper,  Recycle bin        
  • Erode,  Plastic, Ecosystem,   Biodegradable
  • Waste,   Ozone


During the month of April Habitat for Humanity recognizes that Home is the Key.  What do these two ideas have in common? April is a seasonal window when consumers are focused on improving their homes. From spring cleaning to sprucing up homes for spring and summer; the concept of ‘home’ is top of mind for consumers during this month. For Habitat for Humanity, spring brings volunteers out in full force to help homeowners across the U.S. build, rehabilitate or repair their homes.  The recycling of your vehicles aka Cars for Homes, building supplies, and housing items to Crystal Coast Habitat allow us – together, to help improve our communities and will highlight the important role of homeownership in helping families achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance.

All donations to Habitat are eligible for tax deductions.

We celebrate Earth Day and Home is the Key by continuing to promote environmental awareness, reminding ourselves that we can protect the earth in our everyday lives as we build homes and by being part of the solution.  Everyone needs a place to call home!