We all like the feeling of joy and humility when giving something from the heart.  It just makes you feel good. Period. It doesn’t always have to be wrapped in a pretty box with a bow, or in a sealed envelope.  It is offering of oneself, selflessly, and expecting nothing in return. It is that simple and it is that precise act that is the turn-key.  In fact, by the act of volunteering, it comes back to you in many positive and enriching rewarding ways.

Ronnie Stanley has been volunteering at Crystal Coast Habitat for over 22 years. She describes her volunteering experience this way as “doing a little in a great organization for people in need, especially the children.  Seeing the children, and the change in the looks on their faces when they receive a home is amazing. It is a 2-way street.“

What blesses one, bless all in the smallest way, but makes a life lasting impression.

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity is the door that is open for you to walk through.  For us, it is the heart and soul of our operations. We welcome all who wish to help us, and in turn, help their neighbor and community.  “How can I possibly help” you may ask yourself?  By visiting our website you too can Get Involved and see just the tip of the iceberg of ideas.  You do not need to lift a hammer, you do not have to build a house.  Some ways that our volunteers help is with delivering meals to those working on a construction site.  Others help with the administrative duties at our home office and ReStores. Store assistants, repair people, drivers, those with building skills, and numerous other work skills are always needed. You can also learn new skills, and make new friends. Come into our Jacksonville ReStore or Newport ReStore for more information or visit our website to ask how you can help.

A great supporter of Habitat for Humanity, Jimmy Carter says “A lot of times we learn about service, we learn about love, and we talk about it, but, Habitat lets us put it all into practice.”

As we approach the end of our first month of 2019, it is a time of renewal. Many made resolutions for the new year, and as the only way they get done is to put those ideas into practice.  Volunteering at Habitat is a way of continuing the inward feeling of giving and knowing you made a little difference for the better good in individual and meaningful ways. Thank You!