Home is where the heart is……..

Have you ever thought about what makes a house a home? “Home Sweet Home” is what the signs read, not ‘House sweet house’.
So why is a Habitat House really a Home?
It has 4 walls – check.
It has windows. – check
It has a roof, – check

The word “home” has a much deeper meaning that is far more intangible. It is where your heart is. It is your sanctuary, comfort, and refuge. It is where your family is. It is having a place just for you in your house.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz just wanted to go home. Here is what she was fondly seeking:

Security and safety
The sound of laughter
Meals with family and friends
The smell of good food cooking
A comfy sofa
A bath AND a shower
Fresh laundry
A well-stocked fridge
Framed pictures of family and friends
Summer BBQs in the garden
Collections of books, painting, memories, and heirlooms
Festive celebrations

Take a step back. Remember when you were looking for a place to live. You often went into blank rooms with plain walls. It was not anything but a building until your essence filled the space that it became your safe place, your home.

Crystal Coast Habitat for Humanity helps build these dreams for families that have been affected by Hurricane Florence, paying too much rent, or aging on a limited income. By paying high rents, families often must give up important items needed such as healthcare or food.

Help us make a Habitat House into a home. Check out our website under the Volunteer Link for the most recent building projects we have going on and volunteer for a couple of hours. Your assistance not only helps the family but enriches you. February makes you think of Valentines, – aka love. What better way to help make a house into a home. Sharing is caring. 🙂